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About Green Tech Energy Solutions

Green Tech Energy Solutions is a company that specialises in Solar sales and installations. Choosing solar energy is not just about saving electricity, it's also about going green and limiting your footprint on the environment. We have an extensive knowledge and experience in all solar related installations both in residential and commercial scales. With the rise in prices of electricity in the country and unavoidable load-shedding and power cuts, Green Tech Energy Solutions is the go-to company for all your power needs. We supply top of the range products like Electric Inverters and Solar Batteries. We do installations of UPS (Un-interuptible Power Supplies) in residential and commercial properties. We have the know-how and capacity to help take you off the grid. Say Good-bye to load shedding!

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Loadshedding Is Here To Stay

Beat loadshedding with our amazing specials on our great loadshedding kit & solar kit deals.

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Green Tech Energy Solutions Services

Installation of Solar System

We plan, design and install custom solar energy setups that generate electricity for houses, buildings and structures, from 300W to 20KW. Our teams are trained to install your solution while maintaining an awareness of your specific operating environment.

Minimize your reliance on Eskom with their price hikes and load-shedding unpredictability and frustration, and have backup power by investing in a tailored, alternative solar power solution!

Installation of UPS

We are specialists in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installations and setup.

Become your own power station with world leading lithium-ion energy storage solutions (ESS).Our energy storage solutions allows you to store excess solar power generated during the middle of the day and use it during the evening peak or during load shedding. Increasing self-consumption of energy and providing greater independence.

Servicing of Solar Equipment

Already have a solar system installed at your house or structure? Not a problem. Our team is qualified to service existing solar systems, UPS systems and any electrical systems like house electrical wiring, electrical generator servicing, security systems and more.

Our knowledge of the electrical and security industry allows us to be hands-on in every aspect of the job from the beginning to the end.

Sales of Energy Products

Green Tech Energy Solutions also supplies a wide range of electrical energy products. We supply top of the the range solar panels, powerful hybrid inveters, durable lithium-ion batteries, UPS systems, power generators, charge controllers and more!

Our products are sourced from carefully picked suppliers, hence quality, durability and affordability is guaranteed. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and service excellence.

We Supply Solar Products & Accessories

Green Tech solar panel

Solar Panels

Green Tech solar lithium battery

Solar Batteries

Green Tech solar charge controller

Charge Controllers

Green Tech hybrid solar inveter

Solar Inverters

Green Tech UPS


Green Tech Electric Generator

Electric Generators

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Our Recent Work

Green Tech Solar installations
Green Tech Solar installations
Green Tech Solar Inverters
Green Tech Solar Inverters

Green Tech Solar installations
Green Tech Solar installations
Green Tech Solar installations
Green Tech Solar installations

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How Solar Systems Work

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How solar systems work
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